Black Friday! Cyber Monday! Half Price! 70% off (yeah right!!), Etc etc etc! It’s exhausting with your inbox filling with sales offers, social ads, and 'SALE' seems the most popular four-letter word used - but not at The Best Furniture Shop. Despite the retail price pressure, as a brand, we are committed to never going on sale - ever - and we’d like to take a moment to explain why.

Our Core Values


At The Best Furniture Shop, authenticity is integral to our identity. We believe in being transparent in what we communicate and always strive to improve our service and products. We do what feels right as a brand and is aligned with our values.


We are committed to treating everyone with understanding and respect, from our suppliers to our customers and everyone in between.

Why We Don't Have Sales

1. Lowest Possible Price Year-Round

Our primary goal is to offer all our customers the lowest possible price throughout the year. To achieve this, we source and price our products at their true value, with no intention to artificially inflate prices for sales events. This commitment ensures fairness for all our customers and enables us to pay our suppliers and staff a fair and reasonable amount for their work and products.

2. Consistency for Everyone

We understand the frustration of buying something and then seeing it 'on sale' shortly after. To prevent our customers from experiencing 'buyer's remorse,' we maintain consistent pricing year-round, ensuring that everyone gets the same fair deal.

3. Quality and Longevity

As a brand, we believe in purchasing furniture items that you genuinely love. We meticulously source quality pieces designed for long-term enjoyment. Our belief is that The Best Furniture products can accompany you through years of family fun in your home.

Get to Know Us Better

We hope this insight into our values and pricing philosophy helps you understand who we are at The Best Furniture Shop. We always welcome any questions or comments from our customers.

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